at Bay Meadows Park
Rescheduled to a future date

It is with heavy heart that due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to reschedule this year’s Movies in the Meadow to an undetermined date. Faced with strict capacity limits for Bay Meadows Park, it is our priority to protect this precious public resource in a time when the drought makes it ever-more difficult to maintain heavy usage.

We invite you to attend the Movie in the Park at Beresford Park, San Mateo, June 6th featuring live music, food trucks, beer + wine, children’s activities and “Back to the Future”. The event begins at 4:30pm and the movie begins at dusk around 7:30pm.

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We encourage residents of San Mateo to reach out to the Parks and Recreation department to let them know you would like to see movies in the meadow and this type of event programming in our City Parks in future.  Their main email for comment is:




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Q. Why are you canceling?
A. In recent weeks, expected attendance grew exponentially into several thousand and it became clear to City officials and the event organizers that we wouldn’t be able to control the size of the audience AND ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone while also maintaining the good condition of the public park without fencing the park and limiting attendance through ticket sales. However, because the parks are owned by the public, the City Parks and Recreation department and Special Events Committee didn’t approve the event organizer’s proposed plans to close off the entire park.

Q. Why didn’t you anticipate that so many people would want to attend?
A. Last year’s Movies in the Meadow was a great success, with 2,000 people attending and our projections suggested we could nearly triple that number this year. With the region’s population growing quickly, it’s clear that there’s a big demand for these kinds of events. We hope that, in the future, there’s a balance of events offered throughout the area to meet the needs of everyone and are advocating within the City to make events such as these happen for the residents of San Mateo.

Q. There are hardly any events for families in the area. What other events am I supposed to bring my kids to this summer?

A. There are a number of family-centered events in San Mateo. Bay Meadows hosts a weekly “Momdays (and Dad Days Too)” in Paddock Park every Monday, 3-5 p.m. The City of San Mateo presents a summer music series every Thursday evening, 6-8pm in Central Park. To learn more about San Mateo events, visit the City of San Mateo Website.

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Q. Why can’t you just charge a fee for the event? That would keep it down to a manageable size.
A. Because the park is publicly owned, the City didn’t approve our plans to close off the full park with fencing which would have been necessary in order to maximize the event occupancy and offset additional costs though ticket prices; as such, we would have needed to pursue a fencing plan that would have significantly limited attendance and required us to set ticket pricing that would be inappropriately high.


Q. What can I do to ensure the event can happen in future at Bay Meadows Park.
A. Please direct questions and comments pertaining to park usage to:

Other event inquiries can be directed to