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NFL Record & Fact Book 2014
By Editors at the NFL
The NFL Record and Fact Book 2014 is a must for every football fan. This popular reference book is jam-packed with all the facts and figures a football fan would ever want, including all-time records, team rosters and schedules, past standings, Super Bowl results, and more.
100 Yards of Glory
By Joe Garner
he Immaculate Reception. The Ice Bowl. The Music City Miracle. The Catch. For nearly a century, the National Football League has provided fans with pulse-pounding moments on the gridiron.
The NFL Shadow Betting Strategy
By T. Glenn Anderson
The annual NFL SuperContest (aka the Super Contest) is the biggest and most popular pro football picking contest of all time in which entrants pick 5 games per week and the winner gets close to a million dollars.
Win $700,000 This Football Season!
By Guaranteed!
You bet it is! Somebody did it last year (actually he won just under $900,000), and somebody else (possibly you?) is going to do it again this year. How? The answer is only a click away!
Lem Bankers Sports Betting
By Lem Banker
This legendary book was out of print for more than 15 years. Banker, a veteran of over 40 years in sports betting, focuses on betting football, basketball, baseball and boxing.
Smart Sports Betting
By Matt Rudnitsky
You know everything about sports, so why aren't you rich betting on them? Sports betting is hard. But armed with this book, things will get easier.
How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread
By Bobby Smith
In this second edition that takes into consideration the perpetually evolving NFL rules, How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread continues to set bettors on a confidence-building path lined with high-priority.


The NFL remains the biggest, most bet on sport in all of gaming. From college football to the pro level, you won’t find more action generated on any sport. So what are the best NFL betting options?

To understand the betting lines in an NFL game, it’s best to use an example.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Spread – Pittsburgh -5.5 Moneyline – Baltimore +200 / Pittsburgh -250 Spread – 47.5 (-110 Over / -110 UNDER)

First up is the spread, which is the sports betting version of a handicap. In the line of Pittsburgh -5.5 over Baltimore, the Steelers must win by 6 points or more, while the Ravens can lose by as much as 5 points the game to cover the bet. The easiest way to conceptualize the spread is to think of it simply as a point differential. If your bet covers the point differential, you win the wager.

Next is the moneyline which is a bet on the straight up winner of the game. Since most teams are not created equal in the NFL, bettors are able to find big value on the moneyline. In the above example, Pittsburgh would come in as a heavy -250 favorite, which means that you would have to bet $250 to win $100. The Ravens, being an underdog, would return $200 with a $100 bet.

The moneyline is one of the best NFL betting options when you are convinced an underdog is being underrated, and posting great value. Inversely, road favorites tend to have very strong value on the moneyline as well. Bettors like the moneyline because of its simplicity as a win/loss play.

The TOTAL is a bet on the final, combined score of both teams. You can either bet that the final score will be UNDER or OVER the given total.

Parlay bets are where a lot of bettors can make big money, but the risk also increases. In these bets you are linking two or more outcomes together, and all must come through for you to win. The more outcomes you link, the higher your payout. Bettors can parlay spread bets, moneyline bets and total bets together on various matchups to increase the payout. The benefit is that you can risk less for more money, but the difficulty increases exponentially as you combine more outcomes.

Teaser bets are a form of combined spread bets where you reduce the spread on all games. It has the same intrinsic value of a general parlay bet, but reduces the risk somewhat while playing with the spread.

The best way to understand parlay and teaser bet values is to build them in the sportsbook after you’ve logged in to your account to see how the payout increases or decreases as you add certain wagers.

Experience bettors will use a variety of different wager types in a given weekend, and find the best NFL betting options for their personal tastes. Some prefer the grind of individual game bets, while others love the big swings of parlay bets. The choice is always up to you. As they say, variety is the spice of life so play around until you find the bet types that suit your needs.

Live Betting

Introduced nearly ten years ago in Las Vegas, live betting has found its way in to the online realm and was met with immediate success. With blive betting, you are wagering on a game as it happens instead of laying action prior to a game. This allows you to bet on a line that is constantly adjusting to the game as it unfolds.

How do the oddsmakers do this? The short answer is that they use an automatic, computer-monitored set of algorithms to quickly adjust the line on the fly. This is a service that was usually reserved for big games like the Super Bowl, but has since migrated in to regular season games across the board because of its immense popularity.

In the arena of sports, anything can happen, and live betting is here to make sure you can get in on the action as you like. If you’ve missed your shot at betting on the spread before the game goes off, you won’t miss out on the action. Better yet, you can wager on adjusted lines that reflect how the game is going.

One of the best part about live betting is that it allows you to react to the action as you’re watching it. This can be a great money making tool if you’re aware of certain trends. For example, the Detroit Lions posted came from behind in eight games after losing through three quarters. The led to huge dividends for the live betting backers that trusted their ability to complete comebacks. MLB bettors in particular love betting on teams winning heading in to the seventh inning as the most teams have a massive edge if they’re winning a game at this point. Imagine you had bet on the Patriots to win Super Bowl LI after being down 3-28 at the half?

Live betting is available on games up until the end of the third quarter in NFL and NBA, the second period in NHL games and the beginning of the seventh inning in MLB games. To check out if a game you’re interested in has live betting, head to the sportsbook at your favorite vendor!